Revisiting my six 'reasonable moves' for the Orioles - and adding another for good measure -
Dan Connolly

Revisiting my six ‘reasonable moves’ for the Orioles — and adding another for good measure

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About six weeks ago, when the Orioles hadn’t done anything besides add some minor leaguers and Rule 5 picks, I put together a list of six things I would do if I were in charge of the club.

I called them “reasonable moves,” because I understand the Orioles are working under a budget, although we’ll never know what that budget number is and, frankly, those in Orioles’ management often aren’t exactly sure what that budget number is, either.

Under current ownership, roster construction has often been handled on a case-by-case basis. For instance, Dan Duquette, the club’s executive vice president, didn’t have $161 million to spend how he wanted in 2016. But that money ultimately was allocated by ownership to keep Chris Davis in an Orioles’ uniform. That’s how it typically works in Baltimore. Call it a fluid situation.

Taking that into consideration, my six moves attempted to be realistic; transactions I thought would be approved by the entire Orioles’ management team this winter.



Two have come to fruition; two appear like they won’t, certainly not before March 29. The other two are unlikely, but not impossible, I suppose, at this late date.

Six weeks later, I’m revisiting my list, and updating it with current thoughts. And I threw in a bonus idea considering the free-agent market is still plodding along.

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