Revisiting my six 'reasonable moves' for the Orioles - and adding another for good measure - Page 4 of 8 -
Dan Connolly

Revisiting my six ‘reasonable moves’ for the Orioles — and adding another for good measure

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Sign Andrew Cashner

So, I got one right. Although when I first wrote this, I thought two years and $20 million — what had predicted Cashner would get — was a little low given how much relievers had received in the free-agent market. What I didn’t realize was that the starting pitching market would crash, and the Orioles would end up with Cashner for two years and $16 million guaranteed. Of course, there is a potential for him to make $41 million over three years on this deal, so time will tell how off I was. As I wrote before, I don’t think Cashner is a perfect fit for the Orioles and that incredibly shrinking strikeout rate is a concern. But given the club’s philosophy on not doling out extended contracts to starting pitchers, I felt like this made a lot of sense. I still do, though I don’t know how much better it makes the 2018 Orioles.

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