Grading each of Duquette's 14 summer trades as EVP of the Orioles - dating back to June 2012 - Page 6 of 15 -
Paul Folkemer

Grading each of Duquette’s 14 summer trades as EVP of the Orioles — dating back to June 2012

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July 31, 2013: OF L.J. Hoes, LHP Josh Hader and competitive balance round A pick to Houston Astros for RHP Bud Norris

Grade: C

This is a tough trade to evaluate. On one hand, Norris was a vital part of the division-winning Orioles’ strong 2014 rotation, going 15-8 with a 3.65 ERA in 28 starts and beating the Detroit Tigers’ David Price in the clinching game of the ALDS. His contributions that season shouldn’t be forgotten.

On the other hand, Norris’ Baltimore career before and after 2014 was a bust. He stumbled to a 4.80 ERA in 11 games for the Orioles in 2013 and imploded in 2015, going 2-9 with a 7.06 ERA in 18 games and getting released in August.

The prospect cost in the Norris trade is still to be determined. Hoes didn’t pan out, but Hader (an Old Mill grad and native of Millersville) developed into a top pitching prospect for the Astros and then for the Brewers, who acquired him in 2015. He made his big league debut this season and has a 1.08 ERA in 12 relief appearances. Meanwhile, the 2014 draft pick the Orioles traded was No. 37 overall, which the Astros used to select outfielder Derek Fisher, now one of their best prospects who was recently recalled to the majors.

Ultimately, I’ll rate this trade a C. But if Hader and Fisher develop into solid (or better) players in the coming years, this deal will look increasingly worse for Duquette.

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