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Tap-In Question: Was Monday’s win just one game or does it mean more?


Opening Day is over. And what a day it was. (If you want to check out some great shots of the afternoon from our photographer, Joy R. Absalon, click here).

It had everything, even Zach Britton pitching against the Toronto Blue Jays in a tied game – something we didn’t see in Toronto last October.

The Yards were rocking in the 11th inning as Mark Trumbo’s game-winning homer soared out of the park. The fans at Connolly’s were shaking the rafters.

I’m assuming you’ve settled down a little bit, at least enough to answer a simple question.



Was it just one win?

Was it just one game in a season of 162? Will we forget it even happened by June?

Or did it have more meaning? Does it plant a seed for the season? Does it show this team, especially its younger players, that it can win games like this in front of huge crowds?

Or, like manager Buck Showalter likes to say, is the only momentum you have in baseball the next game’s starting pitcher?

By the way, I don’t think he truly believes that. But it’s a good line.

I addressed this topic a little bit in my piece Monday night.

But now I want your opinion. It’s a simple question. But maybe it has a complex answer. Maybe not.

I’ll pour the beer; you provide the philosophy.

Tap-In Question: Was Monday’s walkoff win just one game in 162? Or could it be something more?



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