's great Orioles quiz, 2021 holiday edition -
Rich Dubroff’s great Orioles quiz, 2021 holiday edition


If you think you know the Orioles, let’s see how well you do in this 30-question quiz. The answers will be revealed on Tuesday.

  1. Which current major league manager once played for the Orioles?
  2. This two-time All-Star reliever was once claimed on waivers by the Orioles but never appeared in a game. Who is he?
  3. In that same year, this reliever made news by agreeing to a free-agent contract with the Orioles but failed a physical and  signed elsewhere. Who is he?
  4. What do the relievers in questions 2 and 3 have in common?
  5. This man began the 2011 season as the Orioles’ pitching coach but resigned unexpectedly in June. Who is he?
  6. Who replaced the answer to No. 5?
  7. The man who became pitching coach in June 2011 also left the team for personal reasons in August 2013. Who replaced him for the rest of the 2013 season?
  8. Who was the Orioles’ first base coach for the 2019 season?
  9. What is the Orioles’ longest winning streak during Brandon Hyde’s three seasons as manager?
  10. On August 25th, the Orioles broke their 19-game losing streak. Shohei Ohtani started that game but was not involved with decision. Who started for the Orioles?
  11. John Means’ no-hitter was the Orioles’ first complete game since August 18, 2018. Who threw that complete game?
  12. This 2018 Oriole played six positions, including pitcher, and was a designated hitter. He played in the major leagues in 2021. Who is he?
  13. “The dude rang the cash register every time he hit a home run.” Who said that about whom?
  14. Of these 2021 Orioles, who played in the most games? A) Nick Ciuffo B) Tyler Nevin C) Brooks Kriske D) Dusten Knight
  15. Which of the following baseball longtime executives was once a coach for the Orioles? A) Dan O’Dowd B) John Hart C) Ken Williams D) Jerry Dipoto
  16. Including Brandon Hyde, there are nine men alive who have managed the Orioles. Who is the oldest?
  17. Against which National League team have the Orioles won the fewest games?
  18. Who was never an Orioles broadcaster? A) Bruce Cunningham B) Jack Wiers C) Ken Levine D) Frank Messer
  19. On July 13, 1991, four pitchers combined for an Orioles no-hitter against the Oakland Athletics. Name them.
  20. How many All-Star teams was Brian Roberts named to? How many Gold Gloves did he win?
  21. Who was the only Oriole pitcher to lose a game in the 1983 postseason?
  22. In the 1969 World Series, one Oriole hitter went 2-for-2. Who was it?
  23. Name the two pitchers who tied for most appearances in 2021.
  24. Who was the winning pitcher in the final Orioles game at Memorial Stadium?
  25. Who was not a part of Buck Showalter’s original coaching staff with the Orioles? A) Brian Butterfield B) Willie Randolph C) Wayne Kirby D) Jim Presley
  26. Who was the Orioles’ starter in Showalter’s first game as Orioles manager?
  27. Who was the Orioles’ starter in Showalter’s last game as Orioles manager?
  28. Who led the Orioles in home runs in 2020? He hit 12.
  29. Who never played for the Orioles? A) Dilson Herrera B) Ruben Tejada C) Gavin Floyd D) Luis Sardiñas
  30. In 2021, the Orioles were swept by two teams, one National League team and an American League team. Who were they?

Answers at the end of Tuesday’s edition





























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