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Orioles CEO John Angelos: ‘The team would never move’

John Angelos
Photo courtesy of the Baltimore Orioles


Orioles chairman and CEO John Angelos doubled down on his past assertion that the team will not leave Baltimore in an interview on 105.7 The Fan, the Orioles’ flagship station.

“I don’t react because it’s untrue. The team would never move,” Angelos said. “It will never move. It’s here. It’s here forever. It’s been here for 66-odd years. It will be here for 66 more or longer.”

Angelos told a local business group in September 2019 that the team is in Baltimore for the long term.



“The Orioles will never leave Baltimore, and no one in the partnership group, in this partnership group, which we’re all local, homegrown folks would allow that to happen or would want that to happen, and that will not happen,” Angelos said in the radio interview.

Last month, the Orioles negotiated a two-year lease extension with the Maryland Stadium Authority, running through 2023.

“It’s absolutely a positive,” Angelos said. “It’s a positive in the view of all the stakeholders.”

The team and MSA said they’d like a long-term lease and the interim agreement forces the parties to act sooner.

“There’s no sense in doing a five- or 10-year extension,” Angelos said. “That’s just going to let things deteriorate, and we don’t want things to deteriorate. It’s too important. This partnership is too important to Baltimore, too important to the economy of Maryland.”

Angelos said that the Orioles, Ravens, state and city leaders would work together to enhance the Camden Yards sports complex.

“We’re going to get it done. We’re going to get it done soon.”



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