The great Orioles offseason quiz -
Rich Dubroff

The great Orioles offseason quiz


To mark Jim Palmer’s 75th birthday this week, the great Orioles teams of the past and the wacky 2020 season, and more, it’s time for the first offseason edition of the Great Orioles Quiz. The answers will be revealed on Monday.

  1. Jim Palmer hit two home runs in his career. The first came in 1965 against a pitcher who once was a 20-game winner, but is better known for his off-field accomplishments. Who was it?
  2. Against which opponent did Palmer win the most games?
  3. Who was the losing pitcher in the final game Palmer won?
  4. Palmer never allowed a grand slam. How many three-run home runs he did give up?
  • A-15
  • B-27
  • C-35
  • D-43
  1. The Orioles have faced 11 of the 14 other American League teams in the postseason. Name the three they haven’t faced.
  2. Who led the Orioles in batting in the 1979 World Series (position players only)?
  3. Everyone knows that Brooks Robinson had a great 1970 World Series, but one position player who also played in all five games had a higher batting average. Who was it?
  4. The Orioles won the 1970 World Series in five games, losing Game 4. Who was the losing pitcher?
  5. In the 1971 World Series, the Orioles hit five home runs. Who were the two players who each hit two?
  6. Name the only Oriole pitcher to homer in a World Series game.
  7. Paul Blair started two games in center field in the 1966 World Series. Who started the other two?
  8. Name the only position player to pitch for the Orioles in the 2020 season.
  9. No Orioles pitcher came to bat in 2020, but one scored a run. Who was it?
  10. The Orioles added one player to the active roster in the 2020 season who never appeared in a game. Name him.
  11. Austin Hays hit an inside-the-park home run on August 11 in Philadelphia. Before Hays did it, who was the last Oriole to hit an inside-the-park home run?
  12. Who was the last Oriole to homer three times in a game? (It did not occur in 2020.)
  13. The Los Angeles Dodgers have one former Oriole on their active postseason roster. Who is it?
  14. Name the Oriole player who sang the National Anthem on the day of his major league debut.
  15. Who was the winning pitcher the night the Orioles won their first game in 1988 after 21 straight losses to begin the season?
  16. In 1996, the Orioles went to the postseason for the first time since they won the 1983 World Series. Mike Mussina, Scott Erickson and David Wells started the most games. Four other pitchers had 10 or more starts. Name two.
  17. In 1997, the Orioles had a reliever who won 10 games. Who was it?
  18. What was the last Baltimore radio station other than 105.7 The Fan and WBAL to carry Orioles games?
  19. Who was the final batter in the last game at Memorial Stadium in 1991?
  20. Eddie Murray played for four other teams in addition to the Orioles. Can you name them?
  21. Next year, the Orioles will have a new pitching coach. Doug Brocail was their pitching coach in 2019 and 2020. How many pitching coaches did the Orioles have from 2010-2019?
  22. Which minor league team was affiliated with the Orioles for the longest time?
  23. Which Oriole player was an NBA teammate of Allen Iverson?
  24. In 2016, the Orioles stole just 19 bases. Who led them in steals with four?
  25. The Orioles traded Jeremy Guthrie to the Colorado Rockies just before spring training in 2012 for which two pitchers?
  26. Name the last Oriole pitcher to throw consecutive complete games.


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