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Rich Dubroff

With Marlins’ season on hold, Orioles will play Yankees on Wednesday and Thursday

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Instead of playing the Miami Marlins in their home opener on Wednesday night, the Orioles will face the New York Yankees at Camden Yards.

Because of a Covid-19 outbreak on the Marlins, Major League Baseball has put their season on hold through Sunday.

The Orioles’ games in Miami on Monday and Tuesday night were postponed.

The Marlins played the Philadelphia Phillies last weekend, and the Yankees were going to play a pair of home-and-home games with Philadelphia.

There will be other adjustments to next week’s schedule announced later this week, MLB said Tuesday. The Orioles were set to play the Yankees for three games next week at Camden Yards and still have to make up the two games postponed Monday and Tuesday night with the Marlins.

MLB said the Yankees-Orioles games was done “in order to create more scheduling flexibility later in the season.”

The Marlins were going to play the Washington Nationals this weekend in Miami, and that series has been scrubbed.




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