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Rich Dubroff

Tim Cossins steps in to manage Orioles for one day while Hyde’s away


BALTIMORE—Brandon Hyde is away at his daughter’s high school graduation, and the Orioles needed a manager for Saturday. In steps Tim Cossins, Hyde’s close friend and the team’s Major League Field Coordinator/Catching Instructor.

The 49-year old Cossins will manage his first game since 2007. Cossins spent five seasons managing in the Miami Marlins organization, and he’s determined to enjoy the experience.

“Obviously it’s exciting,” Cossins said. “I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t exciting. I never actually put myself in this spot over the years. Pretty cool. It’s the same process pregame and stuff like that. I’m pretty sure during the game, they’ll get going.”


Cossins knew for a few months that Hyde was going to miss a game, but it wasn’t until earlier this week the two talked about him filling in.

“You just want to make sure you do the legwork and you stay in the pocket and try to make sure things run similarly to how they’ve been going.”

Hyde made out the lineup and he and Cossins discussed the bullpen.

“He also said, ‘Do your thing.’ We did speak a couple of times and went over the game plan. We left it pretty baseline.”

Cossins spent the previous six seasons with the Chicago Cubs as the team’s minor league catching coordinator.

“These last few months have been  in my development career have probably been the most valuable time I’ve spent,” Cossins said.

Because Cossins spent so many years as an instructor, he got away from the nuts and bolts of game management.

“I’ve haven’t managed in a long time,” Cossins said. “Since the start of spring training it’s been fun.”

Cossins’ most obvious task will be to make pitching changes and position player substitutions.

“I think I’m going to do what we feel is best for our club,” Cossins said. “The conversations Brandon and I had before hopefully weigh into that. Of course, in terms of decision making, I think I’ll weight it against what Brandon would possibly say. I have so much respect for how he runs the game.”

Cossins, who was never designated as the bench coach,  but in effect has the duties of one works well with Hyde.

“It’s kind of gone how we’ve talked about it this year,” Cossins said. “it’s evolved. I really like how the information is funneled. I think we have a unique way of communicating on the bench.

“…If there’s a question, I’m going to run to [Brandon]. That’s not my personality. I’m not going to go barnstorm and throw my opinions out there. I tend to wait and hopefully want and hopefully have an answer. I’m proud of the way we’ve acted collectively on the bench.”

Cossins’ day-to-day job is working with the catchers, and he’s said he’s pleased with  how well Pedro Severino and Austin Wynns have done.

“I’m happy with how they’re progressing,” Cossins said. “At the end of the season is when we’ll all look back and see where a player came from and is currently.

“…I feel like they’re prepared. I feel like they’re working. They’re taking ownership of what’s happening on the field which is the precursor to having sustained success behind the plate because it’s really difficult.”

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