Boras thinks Davis can bounce back -
Rich Dubroff

Boras thinks Davis can bounce back


LAS VEGAS—One of the highlights of each year’s Winter Meetings is the annual scrum with uber-agent Scott Boras. Dozens of reporters and cameras crowd around him, seeking out his thoughts on his key clients and baseball in general.

While many of the questions were about Bryce Harper. Boras did discuss his only current Orioles client, Chris Davis.

Davis, who hit just .168 with 16 home runs and 49 RBIs and 192 strikeouts in 2018, told The Sun at Tuesday’s “Orioles Reach Holiday Party” at Dave & Buster’s in Arundel Mills Mall that he was confident he could bounce back.


“In my own eyes, I feel I’m a big part of this and I know for us to be successful as a team, it starts with me,” Davis said.

“That’s offense, defense, base running, my presence in the clubhouse, leadership on and off the field. I understand that responsibility, and I accept that fully.”

Boras said he also was confident that Davis would bounce back in 2019.

“We’ve had many players who have got great histories, and physically you know they’re well,” Boras said. “We’ve been in discussion with the Orioles, just last night as a matter of fact about advancing this and getting Chris’ abilities on the field. We know he can do it. He’s done it many years, many times, and obviously we’re making great efforts and strides to get him back to being normal.”



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