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Diner Question: How much postseason baseball will you watch?


The Orioles’ season ends Sunday, and Dubroff’s Diner will be transitioning to offseason hours. We’ll still be around with questions every week.

Since we have many TVs, some will be tuned into football, others to postseason baseball.

After watching 122 Oriole games so far this season, you might think I’ve had enough. But I enjoy well-played baseball, and I’m looking forward to the postseason.

The Orioles have just seen the Athletics, Yankees and Red Sox and will conclude the season with four games against the Astros, so the AL playoff teams will be familiar.



This year, the only NL playoff team the Orioles faced was Atlanta, and they took two of three against them.

Some Orioles fans may be tired of watching subpar baseball and want to check in on the players traded in July. The Braves have clinched a spot, and fans of Kevin Gausman, Brad Brach and Nick Markakis will tune in.

There’s a possibility the Dodgers and Brewers could face each other, which would put Manny Machado and Jonathan Schoop on the same field.

This Week’s Diner Question: How much of baseball’s postseason are you planning to watch?



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