How did it come to this? A review of the missteps, mishaps and miscalculations that led to the Orioles' 2018 debacle - Page 7 of 7 -
Paul Folkemer

How did it come to this? A review of the missteps, mishaps and miscalculations that led to the Orioles’ 2018 debacle

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6. They’ve got too many cooks in the kitchen.

Many of the issues I’ve mentioned may stem from one key issue: the Orioles’ decision-making process is often, well, muddled. Their unconventional front office structure has led to confusion about who’s really calling the shots.

Duquette, the executive vice president, is theoretically the head honcho of baseball operations. In reality, though, it’s far more complicated, according to numerous accounts. Anderson, as vice president, has worked in a jack-of-all-trades role that includes strength and conditioning, but his heavy influence with ownership has rubbed some members of the organization the wrong way.

Showalter, whose tenure with the Orioles began before Duquette’s, holds more power over personnel decisions than many big league managers do. Then, of course, there’s majority owner Peter Angelos, whose close involvement in baseball operations during his tenure has become the stuff of legend — and usually not in a good way.

With so many voices in the mix — sometimes with differing opinions — and the channels of communication not always clear, it’s no wonder the Orioles have frustrated players, teams and agents with their inability to get on the same page. The conflicting points of view have also led to disastrous decisions for the team, such as the Davis contract, which was largely driven by ownership rather than Duquette.

That dynamic, though, could be shifting. Angelos has reportedly become less involved in the Orioles’ operations of late, handing the reins to his sons, John and Lou. And the contracts of Duquette and Showalter expire at the end of the season, which means we should see some resolution on their status in the organization, one way or another.

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