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Tap-In Question: Do you care where the Orioles trade Manny Machado?

OK, we all know Manny Machado is going to be traded this month. It may happen in hours, days or weeks.

But it is happening.

Here at Connolly’s Tap Room we’ve been known to recycle.

Plastic bags, aluminum cans, Tap-In Questions.

At least with the latter I try to put a new spin to make things a little fresher.

That’s what we are doing this morning.

On Tuesday, Orioles manager Buck Showalter was asked by a New York reporter whether it would surprise him if shortstop and baseball’s top trade chip, Manny Machado, was dealt to the division rival New York Yankees.

Showalter quickly responded, “Not really. Nothing surprises me in today’s baseball world.”

The reporter countered by asking whether Showalter felt there was sound reasoning in not trading Machado to the Yankees.

“I have a lot of confidence that, if and when Manny gets traded, that Dan (Duquette) and his people, the scouts and everything, will get the best return that they could possibly get. If it happens to be with that team that we’re playing tonight, so be it,” Showalter said. “I leave that in their hands. I have a lot of confidence that they’ll do what’s best for the organization.”

I may not be brimming with confidence concerning anything and this organization right now. But I do concur with Showalter that the Orioles need to find the best deal for Machado, no matter which trade partner is involved.

So, I say send Machado to the Yankees. Trade him to whomever, so long as the best possible package is coming back.

The Orioles have one shot at this lottery ticket; they can’t afford to screw it up.

I asked a similar question after the winter meetings, when the Yankees and Boston Red Sox were bandied about as potential fits for Machado.

Many of you said, “Heck, no,” at the time. You absolutely didn’t want to see Machado in Boston or New York.

I’m asking again. But this time it has more urgency.

Tap-In Question: Do you care where the Orioles trade Machado?



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