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Tap-In Question: What stands out the most to you after watching these Orioles start 2018?

We’re gonna make this one simple.

It might end up being painful here in the Tap Room today, but it’ll be simple.

Painful and simple after this weekend. Insert joke here.

Anyway, given what the Orioles’ schedule looks like this week – seven games on the road at the Houston Astros and the New York Yankees, two of the best teams in baseball – I figured I’ll get your opinion now while you can still type with steady hands.

I want to know your early impressions of the Orioles after their first series of 2018. They won the opener in a memorable manner, a solo homer by Adam Jones in the 11th inning. And then they lost the next two in embarrassing fashion. They were no-hit into the eighth on Saturday and one-hit for most of Sunday.

The Orioles also allowed seven home runs to the Twins in the final two games, three each served up by starters Andrew Cashner and Kevin Gausman.

Not the way the Orioles drew up the first homestand of 2018.

Now, I’m a big believer in not putting too much stock into one game or one series or even one month in the baseball season. It’s 162 games. We haven’t completed the first quarter of the first NFL game comparatively.

So, don’t walk anywhere near the ledge yet. But you can at least look out the window.

Back to the painful part. I am curious as to what struck you the most in these three games. Was it the shaky starting pitching? Was it the anemic hitting? Was it the Chris Davis Leadoff Experiment generating no hits? Was it Dylan Bundy’s encouraging performance?

Be positive, negative, realistic, whatever. Just be respectful and PG-rated, that’s how we roll around here.

This is your forum. My thoughts can be found here.

Now I want yours.

Tap-In Question: What’s your initial takeaway from the Orioles’ first 2018 series?

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