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Tap-In Question: With Cobb signing official, how would you grade the Orioles’ offseason now?

It’s snowy and cold outside my real door and outside the fake bar door.

Picked a bad week not to be in Florida.

Not only because of the weather, but because the Orioles made some serious news this week, signing right-hander Alex Cobb to a four-year, $57 million deal with roughly $20 million deferred (and they’ve also designated Rule 5 pick Jose Mesa for assignment).

Cobb is officially an Oriole; the Orioles have announced the deal and are having a news conference.

I’m officially stunned. I would have bet the deed to the Tap Room and my real house that there was no way the Orioles would sign Cobb to a four-year deal, and I repeatedly told fans to move on from Cobb because, given his expected demands, it seemed as the Orioles had. They were checking back but not moving forward.

And then all that changed. The Orioles went for it. Approved the biggest contract in club history for a free-agent pitcher.

What I want to know is does this fully change your mind on this offseason?

The Orioles went in needing two to three starters, a backup catcher, a utility infielder and some left-handed hitters. They now have Cobb. Andrew Cashner, Chris Tillman, Colby Rasmus, Pedro Alvarez, Danny Valencia and Andrew Susac.

Cobb is the only player of the group getting more than $10 million a year.

They made the improvements methodically, but improvements have been made.

One would think the Orioles’ offseason is officially done now, with Opening Day about a week away.

So, I want your grade on this offseason. I’d say the Cobb signing takes it from a C to a B+. I still would have preferred a little more diversity in the offense. But the rotation has improved dramatically. And they haven’t lost anything but some money and a 52nd overall pick in the 2018 draft.

Maybe, though, you are still of the philosophy that they should have began a rebuilding effort. If so, I’m sure the grade isn’t too high. I want your thoughts.

Tap-In Question: With the Cobb signing official, how do you rate the Orioles’ offseason now?



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