Happy holidays from BaltimoreBaseball.com - here's a special podcast 'gift' on youth sports - BaltimoreBaseball.com
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Happy holidays from BaltimoreBaseball.com — here’s a special podcast ‘gift’ on youth sports

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We want to wish you happy holidays from BaltimoreBaseball.com and to thank you for another great year. This endeavor has been absolutely tremendous for myself, Steve Cockey and all the rest of the great people who have helped us in these past 21 months.

We’re getting ready for Season 3 – majors, minors, college and high school baseball — and we couldn’t have done it without you and your support. Keep clicking, reading and commenting (and if you’re a potential advertiser, help us out there, too) and we’ll continue to focus on giving you great content in 2018.

We’re gonna take a little bit of a break through the new year. The Orioles’ front office is going dark for a little while, and we are sort of going dark, too. We’ll be back shortly after New Year’s Day with daily coverage. Until then, we’re gonna take a slight break to recharge our batteries.

If the Orioles make news, though, we’ll write about it during our “dark” time.

And we are going to have an occasional piece on the site in the next 10 days, including a few podcasts from the tireless Adam Pohl.

We will start that today as a Christmas Bonus for all of you – giving you something to listen to if you are driving around on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

In this special edition of Minor League Podcast, Pohl, the voice of the Double-A Bowie Baysox, reaches beyond the minors and beyond baseball.

His focus in this episode is on youth sports, and, specifically, the specialization of youth sports, which is so prevalent today.

Pohl speaks with Dave Bell, an old college friend and a kinesiology professor at the University of Wisconsin, about youth sports and their effects on children — both physically and mentally. Also joining the discussion is one of Bell’s doctorate students, Eric Post, who is focusing on the subject as well. They are all about promoting sports, but doing it in a healthy and productive way.

It’s amazing how youth sports have changed so much in the past decade, with the pressure to specialize and to succeed at such a young age.

It’s a fascinating talk – and a must listen for all parents of young athletes, especially in the 10-to-18-year-old range.

Enjoy it, enjoy the holidays and enjoy the new year. And thanks for being so supportive in 2017.



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