Showalter on wanting to manage the Orioles in 2019: 'Sure' (also his thoughts on Machado trade, and at shortstop) -

Dan Connolly

Showalter on wanting to manage the Orioles in 2019: ‘Sure’ (also his thoughts on Machado trade, and at shortstop)

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — Buck Showalter has been with the Orioles longer than all but three current managers have been with their teams.

And he hopes his tenure will continue next year.

Speaking to reporters during his scheduled media session Tuesday, Showalter, whose contract expires in 2018, was asked whether he wanted to manage the Orioles in 2019.

“Sure, sure,” said Showalter, who has managed the team since Aug. 2010.

Both Showalter and executive vice president Dan Duquette are without contracts next season, and they aren’t the only ones. An important core of players – third baseman Manny Machado, relievers Zach Britton and Brad Brach and center fielder Adam Jones – are all free agents after this upcoming season.

“Coaches and managers, to some extent, trainers, players, there’s a lot more people on our club, every club, that don’t know what … life and the season and the game has in store for them the next year,” Showalter said. “It’s an honor every day that I get a chance to do this. And, as I get older, I realize how lucky I am, even more. So, where life and baseball takes me I’ll deal with it another time. Right now, my focus is on the 2018 season and see if we can get back competing.”

Showalter said he didn’t think that the uncertainty facing the 2019 season is a major detriment in acquiring players this year — at least as far he knows.

“It may not be a positive, but at the end of the day, in our situation, I think we can out-opportunity a lot of people, especially in the pitching department. And that’s what people want, they want an opportunity,” he said. “Those are the people that we have to kind of focus on, that that means something to them regardless of the division or necessarily what the roster may look like.”

Much of Showalter’s session centered on the Orioles’ 25-year-old superstar Manny Machado, trade rumors swirling around him and the possibility of Machado switching from third base to shortstop for the Orioles in 2018. Showalter said Machado has always expressed an interest in playing shortstop – that’s nothing new – but the club had veteran J.J. Hardy in that spot. Hardy is a free agent and almost certainly isn’t returning; Tim Beckham had been penciled in as the starting shortstop for 2018.


“To say that Manny and I haven’t had conversations about it over the years, I wouldn’t be truthful. I think you guys know that I try to have guys hear from me about things, whether it be Tim or whether it be Manny or whether it be a Ryan Flaherty or Chris Davis about something, anybody,” Showalter said. “Obviously, we’re not there yet. …Manny’s capable of playing both real well. And I think so is Tim.”

A determination has not been made, but Showalter said he knows which way he is leaning at this point. Machado’s value would obviously increase on the open market if he were a shortstop – and he may be a better defender at the spot than Beckham.

Showalter was also asked about the possibility of the Orioles trading Machado.

“I’m not involved in a lot of that, what’s really going on. That’s Dan’s situation and Dan’s prerogative and his communication with people. When it gets to the end, I’m kind of like what if something happens? What are you going to do?” Showalter said. “But if there’s something that’s going to change drastically the construction of our roster, then I’m sure I’ll be brought into it.”

Showalter also said that Adam Jones will continue to be his center fielder in 2018 and that Austin Hays has a chance to be on the Opening Day roster, but that’s not a guarantee.



  1. Jacobs1928

    December 12, 2017 at 5:30 pm

    I hope they can get good pitching for Manny…and I think Jones and Trumbo, Davis
    And Britton should be on the block…let us rebuild with pitching and defense. Jake

    • PA Bird Lover

      December 12, 2017 at 6:50 pm

      1928 – Although I see your point it simply won’t happen. Especially with that long list of players you named in your post. Mr. Angelos wants to field a competitive team for those who buy tickets. I didn’t write a winning team, because he also is against big long contracts, especially for pitchers. The O’s in 2018 will be a middle division player like it or not.

      • Osfan73

        December 12, 2017 at 7:32 pm

        Mr. Angelos would do well to realize that by fielding winning teams you are at the same time most likely being competitive as well. I can’t imagine a non-competitive team being a winning team too often. The baseball season is too long to just be lucky enough as opposed to competitive in order to be a winning team. He needs to sit back, sign the checks and just let his baseball people handle the baseball things. Or so I wish!

      • bigdaddydk

        December 13, 2017 at 8:18 am

        Problem is, the fans don’t want merely competitive. We want to contend for championships. The two are not the same thing. If you contend, you can compete with anyone. If you’re competitive, it means you can keep it close and maybe break even or possibly hit a wild card spot. Winning divisions and pushing to play in late-October needs to be the goal, not being merely competitive. I want to go to the game knowing that I’m watching an elite team, not just one that finishes in the middle of the pack and gets a lower first-round draft pick.

  2. Osfan73

    December 12, 2017 at 7:42 pm

    Not too much new here. I mean of course Bucks going to say he he wants to stay and that’s fine by me. And he’s right to be non-commital on specific issues like Manny to short. That’s what spring is for. I do like that he says the Os have more pitching oppurtunity. Always trying to be positive rubs off. Someone motivated to make the most of said oppurtunity and grab one could really help the club where it needs it most. It’s just that that oppurtunity consists of jumping into a small frying pan-OPACYs, and being held over a large intense fire, the AL East. We shall see. Go Os!!

  3. Bancells Moustache

    December 12, 2017 at 8:03 pm

    Now that Machado moving appears to at least be an actual concept, who the hell plays third base?

    • Osfan73

      December 12, 2017 at 8:28 pm

      Chris Davis to third, Mancini to first?? Possible I suppose, but would it be effective/workout is the question. But then where does Beckham go is another.

      • Bancells Moustache

        December 12, 2017 at 9:03 pm

        I suggested the Davis at third, Mancini/Trumbo at first idea last year, but there’s no way that happens. You pay a guy 160 million to be a first baseman, he plays first base

        • Osfan73

          December 12, 2017 at 10:20 pm

          Oh definitely. Was just looking at it from a standpoint of flexibility/versatitlity. Need CD’s good glove work at first too.

  4. Ben1

    December 13, 2017 at 11:50 am

    But why not consideration of Schoop at SS and Beckqm at 2nd? Seems Beckam’s errors were mostly throwing so would 2nd make more sense? Is it true that Schoop started out as a SS and Beckam started as 2nd baseman?

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