One scout's look at the Orioles' farm: Hays, Sisco, Scott, Castro, Mountcastle and others - Page 3 of 8 -
Dan Connolly

One scout’s look at the Orioles’ farm: Hays, Sisco, Scott, Castro, Mountcastle and others

Photo credit: Joy R. Absalon

Chance Sisco

Sisco took a little step forward defensively for me last year. He at least cared, it looked like. Two years ago, when I saw him in 2016 in Double-A early in the year, his want to be a good catcher wasn’t really there. And I think last year he finally figured out that I’ve got to work at this to get better. Because he did get better last year as the year went on. There was just more energy. He was more engaged than before. Maybe that was the newness of being in the big leagues. Maybe that was him finally realizing there’s a reason nobody wants to catch. It’s the hardest job in the game. He’s got a good bat. It’s not gonna be a powerful bat, but he is gonna hit.”

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