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Tap-In Question: What’s the greatest World Series that you personally remember?

I’ve discussed several times in the Tap Room about how much I love the World Series. The only championship that comes close for me is the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament (March Madness), but it is a distant second.

Because I love the pitch-by-pitch drama when a World Series is hotly contested. And, boy, this year’s October Classic qualifies there.

There’s been some discussion – based primarily on Games 2 and 5 – that this has been the best World Series in recent memory.

I’m not sure what constitutes recent memory. Although I will say it has to be one of the most entertaining I, personally, can remember.

For me, the 1983 World Series was the most memorable because I was a kid in Baltimore, and that was the only title my hometown club won while I was a fan (they won one in 1970 when I was about 10 months old, but it’s hard for me to count that one).

But I think for me the greatest one – the one that was the most fun to watch as a baseball fan — was in 1991, when the Minnesota Twins beat the Atlanta Braves in seven games.

There have been some tremendous ones since, like the St. Louis Cardinals’ win in 2011 or Arizona’s in 2001.

We’re in the Tap Room today to discuss which World Series was the greatest in your memory. Maybe there’s a personal reason. Maybe it involves the Orioles – or maybe it is one that had drama that transcends a team, like the Chicago Cubs winning last year or the Boston Red Sox in 2004.

Some of you guys are older than me and can enlighten me about some of the ones I did not witness (the Orioles in 1966 and 1970, the Cincinnati Reds/Red Sox in 1975, etc.)

Your call. I’ll just sit back, read and pour the drinks.

Tap-In Question: What’s the greatest World Series that you remember? Why?



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