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Tap-in Question: What’s your one word to sum up the Orioles’ 2017 season?

A friend of mine told me about an hour before first pitch Sunday at Camden Yards that he had two really good tickets that he wasn’t going to use. He asked me if I knew anybody that would want them.

I made a couple phone calls. No one could swing it. I put it in on Facebook. Nothing. I put it on Twitter, where thousands of Orioles’ fans follow me. One tepid inquiry. Nothing else.

So, yes, you couldn’t give away tickets to the Orioles’ home finale of 2017. And I get why – besides the Ravens’ clunker in London.

I was contemplating what to write today – hey, the Orioles scored more than the Ravens on Sunday – because I know it’s not a banner Monday here at the Tap Room. Yet I also knew you all could use a cold fake one. So, we’re open.

And I figured this is one of those times to turn the computer over to you. But you have some serious editing you’ll have to handle.

With the Orioles’ 9-4 win against the Tampa Bay Rays on Sunday, the club finishes its 2017 record at 46-35 – not bad, all things considered.

With a crowd of 23,424, the Orioles drew 2,028,424 – the sixth consecutive year of two million fans or more. It also was the lowest total number since 2011, their last losing season.

The Orioles (75-82) have five more games remaining, two at Pittsburgh and three at Tampa Bay. But those mean nothing, except maybe in which place the Orioles end up finishing. And I’m not sure that’s really a concern for anyone. They also have a chance of losing 50 on the road; the Orioles are an abysmal 29-47 away from Camden Yards.

So, I considered summing up this season now that there are no more contests at home (and I’m done watching these guys live in 2017).

But I’ll have plenty more to write this week.

So, this one is yours. Give me one word that sums up his season for you. Don’t cheat. One word (although you can follow it up with an explanation. That’d be appreciated).

Keep it clean if ya can. A family establishment here.

But take a shot.

Tap-In Question: What one word sums up this Orioles season as home season concludes?



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