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Paul Folkemer

Ex-Orioles Report: Revisiting the 2016 O’s who are playing elsewhere this season

Back in April, we checked in on all the members of the 2016 Orioles who have landed with new clubs this season, and how they’ve fared.

With the All-Star break upon us, now’s a good time to take another look at that group. Which of last year’s Orioles have found success since leaving the team, and which are floundering?

I’ve made a few updates to the list. As mentioned last month, Brian Matusz and Nolan Reimold are no longer employed by any baseball organization. Those two, along with fellow unemployed 2016 Oriole Logan Ondrusek, have been removed from the list.

In their place, two players who started this season in the Orioles organization, but have since gone elsewhere, have been added. Coincidentally, they both landed in the same organization, as you’ll see shortly.

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