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Dan Connolly

Wieters meets with reporters Monday


Washington Nationals catcher Matt Wieters, who spent his entire career with the Orioles before signing a two-year deal with the Nats in February, was back at Camden Yards on Monday.

He met with the local media in the visiting dugout before the game. Here are some of the things he said:

On being in the opposite dugout: “It’s a different vantage point, for sure. It is a good feeling coming in today and getting to walk into the yard like that, did it for so many years, Definitely brought a smile to my face and am excited for being able to play here again.”

On his favorite memories in Baltimore: “Lots of them, I think the (big league) debut. First time getting up here is one that will always stick in my mind. 2012, being able to get to the playoffs after grinding for so long. There’re countless. More than that, the amount of relationships over there with Richie (Bancells) and E (Brian Ebel), the trainers, as well as J.J. (Hardy) and (Chris) Tillman and (Adam) Jonesy. I can go on and on with the amount of relationships I’ll have well past the game.”

On when he knew he wouldn’t be returning to the Orioles: “When I signed with Washington, I thought that was going to be a longshot (he said, joking). It was something to where, until late in the offseason, I didn’t have any idea where I was going, so the door is always open everywhere until you do sign. And once Washington looked like it was going to be the right fit, then we moved forward with that.”

On potential fan reception tonight: “I don’t really want to anticipate any reception. I enjoyed my time here and, warm reception or not, it won’t change my feelings about the city and about the fans. I just hope I remember to walk into this dugout and not go into the other one.”

On not getting an offer from the Orioles: “At the end of last year, you kind of had that feeling that it may come to an end. You always hope that you’ll play for the same team forever but it something to where I didn’t know what was going to happen. …. I didn’t really know what was going to happen. And I was OK with that.”

On giving the Nats a scouting report on Kevin Gausman: “I can give them a few tips, but he’s still got a pretty good arm and good stuff. So, you’re still gonna have to get some pitches to hit and not miss them.”

On the exchange between Wieters and Jones when Jones comes to the plate in the first inning: “It’ll be loud. Hopefully, there’s not a mic around somewhere. No, it will be good seeing a lot of these guys when they come to the plate. I remember when I played here and Nick (Markakis) came back and it was good just getting to see him, even though it was weird (him) in a different uniform. It’s still good to get to see somebody who is doing well and still doing their dream.”

On keeping up with the Orioles: “I’ll follow these guys, and there is no love lost because I’m not there this year. I still love all those guys in the clubhouse, and I hope they do well. Just we do a little better this week.”



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