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Tap-In Question: Besides a World Series, what’s your top 2017 wish for the O’s?


Shut the door softly on your way in. And read in whispers. I know some of you still have a pounding headache from New Year’s Eve partying and watching Mariah Carey’s career plummet like the Times Square ball.

Our minor-league reporter, Dean Jones Jr., had the best Mariah line of New Year’s Eve night, tweeting that he was hoping someone would save the pop diva from such embarrassment, but Zach Britton was still in the bullpen.

Too soon?

Anyway, we’ve made it to 2017, and am glad you are still with us, as I wrote here.

So, the 2016 baseball season — languishing Britton and all — is in the rear-view mirror. It’s time to look forward to the upcoming year.

Heading into this offseason, my sense was that the Orioles wouldn’t do a whole lot. They’d get a catcher, would attempt to re-sign Mark Trumbo and try to find a right fielder who can get on base. I figured they’d also make some minor moves for organizational depth that would be met with shrugs.

It’s January, pitchers and catchers will report in six weeks; the Orioles have added a catcher (Welington Castillo), are still interested in Trumbo and a bevy of outfielders and have signed some organizational depth (Logan Verrett, Tomo Ohka, Logan Ondrusek, Adam Walker).

So, there’s obviously work to do. As I’ve written before, there’s no reason to panic. The Orioles and executive vice president Dan Duquette take their time filling holes, but, ultimately, will have a solid roster ready to go by April.

But since it is the beginning of 2017, and the air in the Tap Room is still a little hazy, I wanted to give you the opportunity to be a psychic and offer up your top primary wish/hope/dream for the Orioles in 2017.

I want you to be specific, going beyond the obvious dream that the Orioles win the World Series.

Give me one thing you want the team to accomplish in 2017, one that might get them there this year and beyond.

Is it bringing back Trumbo?

Is it signing an all-around hole-filler like Angel Pagan?

Is it extending Chris Tillman’s contract before he becomes a free agent at year’s end?

Is it signing Manny Machado to a long-term deal this year before he can walk after 2018?

Or signing Britton to a long-term deal for the same reason?

Or is it trading Britton or Machado this year to build for the future?

Or trading a bullpen piece for a veteran outfielder?

You are the customer at the Tap Room. You know what’s what. And I want to know what you think the Orioles’ No. 1 accomplishment should be in 2017.

Tap-In Question: Aside from winning the World Series, what’s the primary objective you want to see the Orioles accomplish in 2017?



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