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Tap-In Question: What’s your new World Series prediction?


I had a good question for the Tap Room today. Really good, if I can pat myself on the back a little. And then the Washington Nationals had to go and ruin it by losing in the NLDS.

So I have to scrap my query as to whether Orioles fans were more inclined to root for the geographical rival Nationals or the division rival Toronto Blue Jays if the two met in the 2016 World Series.

That possibility can’t happen now.

So let’s update out predictions. I had the Texas Rangers beating the Chicago Cubs in seven. But now that the Blue Jays have ousted the Rangers, I need another do-over.

I’m going with the Cubs beating the Cleveland Indians in six games.

I know everyone is picking the Blue Jays to get to the World Series now that they appear to have gotten hot at the right time. But I’m not buying it.

Like the Orioles, I think the Jays are a flawed club that relies on the longball too much. I’m not sold on their starting pitching or bullpen in close playoff games.

And I am a big believer in Cleveland’s Andrew Miller and Corey Kluber as difference makers.

So you guys go ahead and take the Blue Jays. I have the Indians winning this series and then losing to the Cubs.

What says you?

Tap-In Question: What’s your updated World Series prediction?

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