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Tap-In Question: Who wins the 2016 World Series and why?



I’ve noticed a lot of people are wearing orange-and-black in here lately, sans the orange over the past day or two.

It’s mourning for a season that has perished.

We’ll have plenty of time to break down what went right and wrong in 2016. I’ll be writing something nearly every day this offseason, so let’s pace ourselves.

Today, though, let’s talk baseball in general. The playoff field is now down to eight teams.



It really should be an interesting crapshoot to see who wins the World Series.

That’s the focus in the Tap Room today. Short and sweet.

Who makes the 2016 World Series and who wins it?

In April, I predicted the Houston Astros would beat the San Francisco Giants in seven games. That can’t happen now. So I’m taking a mulligan.

My new prediction: I’m taking the Texas Rangers over the Chicago Cubs in six games. Not a huge limb to climb on here. Both own the top record and top seed in their respective leagues.

So I’m allowing you to wipe the slate clean, too. And we’ll revisit this once the World Series participants are finalized. As the ALDS is about to start (with the Orioles out of it), I want to see your World Series picks.

Tap-In Question: Who do you predict will end up in the World Series, and who wins it all?



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