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Tap-In Question: Who is your Most Valuable Oriole? Why?



It’s time to cast your vote at Connolly’s Tap Room; we want to make baseball and beer great again.

Wait, when were they not. …

Anyway, we’re not discussing politics in here. It gets you thrown out on your keister.

No, we’re sports and sports only (maybe a little music) in this joint. But we’re still voting today.



The media that covers the Orioles had to submit their top three selections this week for the Louis M. Hatter Most Valuable Oriole Award.

This might have been the most difficult one in recent memory. I’m not revealing my ballot, but I believe there are four players that absolutely, positively deserve to be in the consideration. It’s tough to leave any of the four off the ballot, but technically we only have three spots.

Despite several great candidates, my sense is that it will end up being a two-man race between third baseman Manny Machado and closer Zach Britton.

That’s not exactly a shocking prediction considering Machado is a legitimate candidate for the American League MVP and Britton is a legitimate candidate for AL Cy Young. An easy argument could be made that the Orioles aren’t a true playoff contender without Britton’s mastery on the mound in the ninth inning and/or Machado’s work at the plate and at third base and shortstop this season.

But maybe you think there are others who were even more crucial to the club’s success in 2016. That’s your call. Just make a compelling argument.

I’m giving you the platform. You don’t have to shout from the rooftop. You can make your case quietly from your barstool. If you had a MVO vote, who would it go to? You can be official and rank them from first to third like the media does.

Tap-In Question: Who is your 2016 Most Valuable Oriole? Why?



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