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Tap-In Question: Does O’s-Nats mean something to you?



I’ve asked this one before. I’ll ask it again.

We believe in recycling here at Connolly’s. At least we’re in a different place. Better décor.

Seemingly every year when the Washington Nationals and Orioles mash up, I have the same question. And I think the answer is changing, gradually anyway.

I want to know if the Nationals are just another team to you. Sort of like the Phillies or the Astros.

We know the rivalry isn’t the same as the ones the Orioles have with the Yankees and Red Sox and Blue Jays. Those teams are all fighting for the same prize, the AL East crown.

The Nationals are just the team that is geographically closest. But the fans do seem to get into it. Mark Trumbo, who had never played in an Orioles-Nats contest before, noticed.

“It was exciting. I don’t know all the history, obviously, but it seemed like there was a lot of energy at the stadium today,” Trumbo said. “I’m sure there is a lot of bragging rights on the line. Glad to get that win.”

The game drew an announced crowd of 31,660 to Camden Yards. The stands were mostly orange, but when the Nats did something, their fans could be heard. And when the Orioles did something positive, the roar seemed a little louder than it has for much of the season.

“It was an energy that was needed. You always lean on your fans sometime when you come off a long tough trip in August. It’s a pick me up,” Orioles manager Buck Showalter said. “We’re having to make a lot of adjustments with batting practice and work schedules trying to keep our legs under us. That’s why (an) atmosphere like this is nice.”

So there are obviously Orioles fans out there that get a little more into the Nats-O’s games than any other non-division tilt. Are you one of them?

Tap-In Question: Does a game between the Orioles and Nats mean something extra to you?



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