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Tap-In Question: Did you learn anything about this team from its recent 5-5 road trip?



Enter the Taproom today and try not to fall asleep in your beer.

A week of West Coast baseball can do that to you.

The Orioles’ 10-game, 10-day, three-city road trip wasn’t exactly the highlight of the 2016 season, but Sunday’s come-from-behind, 8-7 victory certainly ended it on a positive note.

I think most people are OK with the Orioles escaping with a 5-5 record on this trip – especially given another nightmare in Oakland.



Ultimately, the Orioles survived what arguably is their toughest stretch of the year and are basically in the same situation as before they left.

There are now 45 games remaining this season; 25 are at Camden Yards, where they are 39-17 in 2016.

Given the unbalanced schedule, the Orioles really control their own destiny. They have 31 games remaining against AL East foes, and that might be a good thing. The Orioles are 26-19 against teams in their division this year.

They remain in a battle for first place in the East — a half game behind the Toronto Blue Jays — and currently lead the AL Wild Card race with a 66-51 record.

We know these Orioles are good. We know they are flawed.

But here’s what I really want to know from you on your barstool today:

Did you learn anything more about this club in the last 10 days?

Were you encouraged or discouraged by this tough road trip? Did it make you think the Orioles have a better or worse chance of making the playoffs? Do you look at the way they ended in San Francisco and think they are resilient, or do you look at how the offense didn’t show up in Oakland and worry that they aren’t a complete team?

Settle in, get out your wallet and throw me an explanation or two.

Tap-In Question: Did you learn anything about these Orioles from their 5-5 road trip?



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