Know Your O's: Caleb Joseph -
Dan Connolly

Know Your O’s: Caleb Joseph


In my career covering Major League Baseball, I’m not sure I’ve met anyone who loves the game more than Orioles catcher Caleb Joseph.

When he was in high school, he was a clubhouse attendant for the Triple-A club in Nashville. He prepared post-game spreads and knocked mud off the cleats of professional players – including one of his current Orioles’ teammates.

When he was at High-A Frederick, Joseph ended up sleeping some nights in the home clubhouse until he was told he couldn’t do that anymore.


So when he made his debut in 2014, after seven seasons in the minors, you can only imagine how excited he was.

Quirky, genuine and pretty darn hilarious, Joseph is our “Know Your O’s” subject today. He shares what it felt like to make the big leagues, who he would have front his Orioles’ rock band and the three things he is saving his money for.

He explains his rabid love for hockey, and retells the story of his now legendary comedic performance at the club’s spring training talent show in 2014, when Joseph impersonated most of the Orioles’ staff.

He wouldn’t do any impressions for us on this video – he said he needs to keep his day/night job — but his personality and humor come through, nonetheless.

Joseph is the perfect subject for this kind of laid-back, one-on-one interview, so hit play and watch.

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