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Tap-In Question: Do the Orioles need to trade for an outfielder, too?

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The Orioles pursued trading for San Diego Padres outfielder Melvin Upton Jr., who was dealt to the Toronto Blue Jays on Tuesday.

They reportedly were going to send Ubaldo Jimenez and two minor leaguers to the Padres for Upton – but the money that needed to exchange hands was the sticking point.

So the Orioles didn’t end up with Upton, which as I wrote earlier Tuesday, isn’t a bad thing. You can get my thoughts on that here.

Yeah, you’ve heard this tune from the barkeep before: These Orioles need to strengthen their rotation. That should be the first priority, second priority and third priority.

I’m really all not that concerned about an outfield spot. Sure, the Orioles could use a Joey Rickard type with Rickard on the shelf (thumb) until September. A guy who can play center field in a pinch, provide good defense at all three outfield spots and pinch-run and pinch-hit some.

But, to me, that’s a guy that can be traded for in August. Not a major piece in July.

No, I believe the Orioles’ main focus has to be starting pitching. And I know most of you agree. (Sadly, we also agree there’s not much available and it will be overpriced.)

But I’ve heard from some people that said I was wrong on the Upton/outfield thing (I’m not counting those who just wanted Ubaldo Jimenez gone). They feel the Orioles do need another solid outfielder, whether it is to get Mark Trumbo out of right field or to spell Hyun Soo Kim against lefties.

To me, that’s a luxury and not a necessity (especially with Nolan Reimold around). But I wanted your two cents.

Tap-In Question: Do the Orioles need to trade for an outfielder too?

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