Know Your O's: Pitcher Tyler Wilson -
Dan Connolly

Know Your O’s: Pitcher Tyler Wilson


Orioles rookie right-hander Tyler Wilson is from an athletic family. His dad played pro ball in the minors and is brother is currently on the University of Virginia baseball team.

Wilson’s wife, though, is arguably the best athlete in the family. Chelsea Shine Wilson played four years of college basketball at the University of Virginia and still holds the school record for most games played, male or female.

In this segment of “Know Your O’s,” Tyler Wilson talks about his wife’s basketball career, who would win in a pickup game between them and which one is taller.

He goes in-depth about his love for all things Wahoo, what it is about college basketball that he enjoys so much and what occupation he would have pursued if he hadn’t been a pro athlete.

And since this is and not, we also squeeze in a question or two about what it’s been like to realize his baseball dream with the Orioles.

An incredibly articulate young man, it’s worth clicking below and getting to know a little bit more about Tyler Wilson.



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