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Dan Connolly

‘Around the Beat’ & ‘Minor League Podcast’ now available on iTunes


When Steve Cockey and I launched this website in late March, we knew tweaks would have to be made, that some things would work and some things wouldn’t.

Frankly, we were just starting out and we didn’t fully know what we’d be undertaking – and how successful it would be.

So far, we are thrilled with the results, with the traffic to the site and with the response to our free app, our Facebook page and the other social media outlets we’ve used. If you haven’t yet liked our Facebook page, downloaded our free app or registered on the site so you can comment on our content, please do.

We’re listening. And we’re showing that today.

We wanted to provide some different types of content for our users and we ended up creating two different podcasts: “Around The Beat,” which is an interview I do with the beatwriter in another city whose team is about to play the Orioles; and “Minor League Podcast with Adam Pohl,” which features the voice of the Bowie Baysox delving into the Orioles’ organization’s minor league affiliates each week.

We’ve been encouraged with how both podcasts have been received; It is something new for me, and I’ve gotten some really nice feedback so far; so has Adam Pohl.

However, we’ve also received two questions/suggestions repeatedly: Are these podcasts available as downloads from iTunes? Can we subscribe somehow and get them every week?

We hadn’t made that jump yet – for various reasons and expenses. But the interest and demand seems to be there. So we’ve listened. And now we are psyched to announce that we have made all of our audio podcasts – each segment of “Around the Beat” and “Minor League Podcast with Adam Pohl” – available on iTunes. Just in time for your Memorial Day weekend drives.

Just click the link above or go to the podcast section on iTunes and search BaltimoreBaseball.com and you should find everything there (if you don’t, let us know immediately at [email protected] or [email protected]). You can also subscribe to the podcasts there, making it even easier for you to listen to our content. It’s all free.

So, we figured with so many stuck in their cars this weekend, we’d make it easy for you to listen to some baseball talk.


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