Know Your O's: Mark Trumbo on baseball, drums and guitars -
Dan Connolly

Know Your O’s: Mark Trumbo on baseball, drums and guitars


This weekend, with the orioles playing the Los Angeles Angels, Mark Trumbo had a chance to go back to the Anaheim area, where he grew up.

Trumbo, who is absolutely killing the ball in his first year with the Orioles, was a baseball star in high school – but many scouts saw him as a future major-league pitcher.

In our latest installment of “Know Your O’s” he explains why that didn’t happen and what it was like to play for his hometown team. And also what it means for Los Angeles to get a NFL team again.


Had some technical difficulties on this one, so Mark was patient enough to do it twice, and we spliced it together. So think of it as bonus Trumbo.

Trumbo gives his nod to West Coast staple, In-N-Out Burger, and, locally, to a well-known Baltimore restaurant. He also goes into his passion for music, his experience playing the drums and his love for collecting, buying and selling guitars.

It’s worth sticking around until the end to see who he would have front his Orioles-based, classic rock band.


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