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What’s a realistic package of prospects the Orioles could trade? / MAILBAG

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Most weekdays, I’ll be answering at least one Orioles question. If you’d like to submit a question, send it to: [email protected]. Questions may be edited for clarity, length and style.

Question: Since the O’s are in need of pitching and the trade deadline is approaching, what do you think would be an ideal trade proposal where the O’s get a solid player or two while “not selling the farm?” From: Randall Adams

Answer: Randall, I think your question is a realistic one. If the Orioles are able to keep Jackson Holliday, Coby Mayo, Colton Cowser, Heston Kjerstad, Samuel Basallo and Enrique Bradfield while satisfying their pitching needs, I would consider that one that wouldn’t devastate the pipeline.


I don’t think the Orioles would trade from that list of players, and while I think Kyle Stowers has a place on the 2025 Orioles, I realize he could go. So could Connor Norby, who could have a place on next year’s team, but the Orioles seem to have sufficient infielders.

If the players departing are solid prospects but not among the top handful, I think the organization could live with that.

Question: I know we have been spoiled by the quick promotions of the past but will Enrique Bradfield Jr. Get to Double-A this year? Or even test Triple-A? From: Jerry Turner

Answer: Jerry, Bradfield has been a professional for less than a year, and while he had a slow start at High-A Aberdeen this season, he had solid numbers in May and June.

The guess here is that Bradfield could get moved up to Bowie later this month after the All-Star break, and the Orioles will see how he does for a few months at Double-A. I think Norfolk might be a little high for him this year.

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