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Should Orioles trade Kyle Stowers? / MAILBAG

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Question: Kyle Stowers is 26 years old, and it seems like he has nothing left to prove in the minors. He’s roadblocked with the Orioles – Colton Cowser and Heston Kjerstad are ahead of him, and Jorge Mateo and Ryan O’Hearn play the outfield, if needed. Under the rules, how many more years can the Orioles keep Stowers in the minors without giving him a chance with another MLB organization?  Shouldn’t the Orioles just go ahead and trade him for whatever they can get? From: Birdman

Answer: Joel, those are interesting points you make. It wouldn’t surprise me if Kyle Stowers is part of a package the Orioles use to obtain a pitcher before the July 30th trade deadline.


That might be a good thing for him, but not necessarily a good thing for the Orioles. While he is currently blocked from the Orioles, things change. An injury or two can make him a highly valued member of the team, and I think with Anthony Santander heading for free agency next year and Austin Hays and Cedric Mullins not far behind, his path to the Orioles may soon become much clearer.

Stowers has two options remaining, and while the Orioles can theoretically option him to the minor leagues again next year, I don’t see that happening. He’ll either be traded later this month to another major league team, or be with the Orioles later this season or in 2025 at the latest.

Question: I have seen much speculation in various other publications that the O’s should consider trading for Jack Flaherty (Tigers), Tanner Scott (Marlins), Hunter Harvey (Nationals), among others. Do you think the O’s would seriously consider trading anyone for any of these former O’s? From: Phil Cooke

Answer: Phil, it wouldn’t shock me to see the Orioles trade for Tanner Scott or Hunter Harvey. Both pitchers were products of the organization and well liked. They could help the team in its playoff push.

Jack Flaherty had a rough time with the Orioles after the team picked him up, and while he’s currently out with back soreness, he’s had a good year with the Tigers. But I think the Orioles will focus their efforts on starters elsewhere.

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