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Midday Mailbag

Midday Mailbag: How patient will Orioles be with Jackson Holliday?

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Every weekday, I’ll be answering at least one Orioles question. If you’d like to submit a question, send it to: [email protected]. Questions may be edited for clarity, length and style.

Question: How much longer do you think the Orioles will be willing to let Jackson Holliday struggle at the plate before they send him back to the minors for a reset? From: Lee Barrett

Answer: Lee, I’ve gotten a number of questions on Holliday. Charles Lowe has asked a similar question but hopes the team will be patient with him.

Holliday has played just 10 major league games. I know it seems like more and ,yes, he’s 1-for-30 with 16 strikeouts and two walks.

I think the Orioles are going to be patient with him, especially because after a rough first couple of games, he seems to be playing second base well, and the team is 7-2 in his nine games.

The two losses were 11-1 and 9-4.

If he still isn’t hitting after another few weeks, perhaps they’ll reconsider, but I don’t see signs that his confidence is broken, especially because he’s playing well in the field.

Question: Has there been any discussion or scuttlebutt on when and how the $600 million will be spent on the stadium upgrades? Seats and scoreboard seem like the logical choice. From: Tony Kaster

Answer: Tony, I haven’t heard anything about what the Orioles’ plans are but, in the lease, they did indicate improvements on seating, the scoreboard and a new sound system were among the ideas they had in mind.

David Rubenstein has been the Orioles’ lead owner for less than a month, and I’m sure he’ll want input.

A new scoreboard and sound system are the first things that fans would notice, and that I would like to see.

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