The Catch and The Call: Orioles' Mullins, Brown, McDonald show off their skills -

The Catch and The Call: Orioles’ Mullins, Brown, McDonald show off their skills


When the line drive left the bat of the Twins’ Kyle Farmer, all Orioles centerfielder Cedric Mullins could do was react. And all that Orioles broadcasters Kevin Brown and Ben McDonald could do was describe that reaction. What followed was the intersection of pros at their very best.

Mullins, shaded toward right-center, instantly began an all-out sprint toward left-center. At the end of that sprint, he left his feet, diving away from the field and toward the warning track. Just before touching down, and fully outstretched, the ball nestled into his glove. It ended the top of the first, and saved a run, but The Catch would be talked about for the rest of the game and beyond.

It was up to Brown and McDonald to match what viewers witnessed with The Call. They didn’t disappoint.

Just as Brown was saying the ball was tailing away from the centerfielder, he made the catch and Brown, in stride, says, “and Farmer hits a line drive sailing away from … MULLINS!” The camera then shows a disbelieving starting pitcher and Brown says, “Tip your cap Cole Irvin, tip your cap everybody.”

McDonald then comes in with, “Are you kidding me … there’s no way he can get to this ball.”

Their description and reaction captured the excellence of the play and the excitement it generated. It’s moments like these that remind us of why we watch the very best do things we can only dream of doing. And, at the same time, appreciate those who can elevate a moment like that with their own astonishment.

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