Errol Robinson wants to be that native Maryland Oriole -
Spring Training

Errol Robinson wants to be that native Maryland Oriole

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SARASOTA, Florida—Spring training isn’t only for the well-known names trying to get their at-bats and innings in. It’s for players who are vying for one of the few open spots on the Orioles and for some just trying to make a good impression.

Errol Robinson is one of those who’s made a good impression. He’s come to Sarasota, not as a spring training invitee but as an extra player who’s taken ground balls at the Ed Smith Stadium complex and when the Orioles need an additional infielder.

Gunnar Henderson and Connor Norby are both out with injuries, and Robinson got to play a key role in Saturday’s 4-3 win over the Boston Red Sox in the Grapefruit League openr. He singled in the ninth and scored on Colton Cowser’s game-winning home run.

There aren’t any other native Marylanders on the Orioles’ roster, and Robinson, who was born in Boyds in Montgomery County, is thrilled to be with a team he rooted for as a youngster.

“It’s quite amazing,” Robinson said. “It’s a blessing to wear Orioles gear across my chest. Having gone to so many games as a kid, as a middle schooler coming up, that’s where I learned how to play, how to watch and learn from professionals.

“Brian Roberts and J.J. Hardy are here [as guest instructors] right now. That was the double play combination I watched … I grew up a Braves fan, but I was an Orioles game-goer. I really enjoyed going to those games and getting to watch them. Now they’re here now, and I get a chance to learn from them. I’m enjoying myself.”

The Orioles have a plethora of promising infielders, and the 29-year-old Robinson, who has seven years of minor league experience with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Cincinnati and St. Louis, decided to sign with Baltimore.

“The opportunity seemed like it was there. If there was an opportunity to play, I’m going to take it,” he said. “Honestly, I didn’t get too many other offers in the offseason. When they called me, I figured, ‘I better come out here and come back home.”

The Orioles’ depth has made an impression on Robinson, who’s played mostly second and third base.

“A lot of infielders. A lot of everybody,” Robinson said. “There’s a lot of good talent around.”

Robinson would have loved to be on the non-roster invite list, but he’s been told he’ll be brought to games as an extra player often. He was brought to Bradenton for Sunday’s game against Pittsburgh.

“I’ll take anything,” he said. “Up is the way that I plan on going. Just being over here, being surrounded by good people. Everybody here has been great. They’re all similar age. I know a lot of them. I’ve played against a lot of them. I played with some of them.”

Robinson went to Washington’s St. John’s College High School, where former Orioles outfielder L.J. Hoes went, and he’s trying to be one of the few homegrown Maryland Orioles.

“It would be pretty cool,” Robinson said. “Walking through down to the field and hearing a few fans saying my name was kind of cool. It hadn’t been since about 2016 or 2017 being a prospect with the Dodgers that anybody had known me, gotten any type of recognition. Even coming back from the game a little bit ago, fans cheering for me. It feels good.”


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