The great annual Orioles quiz -
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The great annual Orioles quiz

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1) What other team did Ben McDonald pitch for besides the Orioles?

2) Which World Series winning manager made his debut as a player with the Orioles, but got only one at-bat?


3) Who played the most games at third base for the Orioles in 1983?

4) Which two players were on the active roster for the ALDS, but didn’t play?

5) What two teams in addition to the Orioles did Brady Anderson play for?


6) Who broke Cal Ripken’s consecutive innings streak?

7) Father and son who were both natives of Baltimore

8) Outfielder who hit a World Series home run

9) Which pitcher was traded to the Braves in the 1972 trade that brought Earl Williams to the Orioles?

10) Hall of Fame slugger who played one season for Orioles


11) Between Gregg Olsen and Gunnar Henderson, there were two Rookie of the Year winners to play with Orioles. Who were they?

12) Since Cal Ripken Jr. won the MVP in 1991, three MVP winners have played for Orioles. Who were they?

13) Since Steve Stone won the Cy Young Award in 1980, five Cy Young Award winners have played for the Orioles. Who were they?

14) Who was the first Oriole to win the Cy Young Award?

15) Mike Mussina never won the Cy Young Award. What was his highest finish?

Music and Entertainment

16) What Oriole sang the National Anthem at the last home game of the 1988 season?

17) What was the song that the Pittsburgh Pirates tortured the Orioles with in the 1979 World Series?

18) A former Orioles reliever’s wife performed an Orioles history song at Camden Yards. Who was she?

19) Rick Dempsey and the Invisible Magic Band played what 1970s hit song?

20) In 1991, Ken Levine was one of the Orioles’ broadcasters. What profession was he best known for?

Records and lasts

21) Who holds the Orioles’ single-season record for most games pitched?

22) How long is the Orioles’ longest postseason winning streak?

23) What is the Orioles’ record in Game 7’s?

24) What was Brandon Hyde’s primary position in his minor league playing career?

25) Name the last player from the Dominican Republic produced by the Orioles to play for them?


26) Name the only coach on the 2023 staff to play for the Orioles

27) Who was the most recent Orioles’ interim manager?

28) Under how many managers did Terry Crowley serve as a coach?

29) Who was the Orioles’ longest-tenured pitching coach?

30) Five Hall of Famers were Oriole coaches: Eddie Murray, Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson and Earl Weaver. Who is the fifth?

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