The great annual Orioles quiz -
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The great annual Orioles quiz

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  1. There are six players whose entire major league careers of 10 or more seasons were spent with the Orioles. Three were Brooks Robinson, Cal Ripken Jr. and Jim Palmer. Who were the other three?
  2. Which two men managed the Orioles for only one complete season?
  3. Who did Eddie Murray hit his 500thhome run against?
  4. Who allowed Cal Ripken Jr.’s 3,000thhit?
  5. Who gave up Rafael Palmeiro’s 3,000thhit?
  6. Who owned the Orioles when Oriole Park at Camden Yards opened in 1992?
  7. Who holds the team record for most hits in a season?
  8. Who never had a 200-hit season with the Orioles?


A-Cal Ripken Jr.

B-Eddie Murray

C-Al Bumbry

D-B.J. Surhoff



9-Who is the only coach from Buck Showalter’s last year, 2018, who was retained by Brandon Hyde in 2019?

10) Which former Oriole played for the most teams in one season?

A) Jose Bautista

B) Oliver Drake

C) Chaz Roe

D) Bud Norris

11) Who was the winning pitcher on July 25, 2019 when Stevie Wilkerson recorded the first save by a position player?

12)  Who was the last Oriole pitcher to lead the American League in games pitched?

13) Name the two most recent Hall of Famers who concluded their careers with the Orioles?

14) Edwin Jackson played for the most teams in MLB history, 14. He pitched three games for the Orioles. Which number team was the Orioles for him?

15) What do former Orioles Eric Bedard, Adam Loewen, Adam Stern and Pete Ward have in common?

16) The 2021 Orioles lost 19 games in a row, the second longest losing streak in club history? What was their longest winning streak?

17) Who led the 2020 Orioles in home runs?

18) Since 2001, six Orioles have led the American League in losses. Which of these pitchers did not lead the AL in losses?

A) Kevin Millwood

B) Daniel Cabrera

C) Ubaldo Jimenez

D) Jose Mercedes

19) Which Oriole never led the American League in wins?

A) Scott McGregor

B) Steve Stone

C) Dennis Martinez

D) Mike Boddicker

20) Brandon Hyde served as an interim manager for one game in 2011. For which team did he manage that game?

21) From 2013-2016, an Oriole led the major leagues in home runs. How many other times did an Oriole lead the majors in home runs?

22) What do former Orioles Mike Belfiore, Zach Clark, Mickey Jannis and Cody Sedlock have in common?

23) Three pitchers won 10 or more games for the 2016 Orioles. Chris Tillman (16) and Dylan Bundy (10) are two of them. Who’s the third?

24) Name the reliever who began his major league career in 2016 by allowing just one earned run in 22 games

25) Robinson Chirinos played for the Orioles at 38 in 2022. Who was the last 40-year-old Oriole?

26) Who was the winning pitcher in the 2022 Orioles’ home opener?

27) In 1954, 1956 and 1957, the Orioles did not hold spring training in Florida? Where was it held?

28) Jorge Mateo and Cedric Mullins led the Orioles and the American League with 35 and 34 stolen bases. Who finished third on the Orioles and with how many?

29) The Orioles’ 10-game winning streak was their longest since 1999. What was their longest losing streak in 2022?

30) Adley Rutschman led the Orioles with 35 doubles in 2022. Who also hit 35 doubles last season?

Answers will appear on Tuesday 


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